As a student, I should confess that sometimes I’m in doubt about which option is better: living away from family or staying with them? I left my home, family, friends, and country for university and now live in France for my masters' education. I had a chance and long time to compare two options and wanted to share my thoughts.

You take control of your own life

At home, you can sometimes get lazy and escape doing the dishes or cleaning your room because you always know your mother will do it for you even if she complains that you are untidy. But if you live with other students, you can’t rely on them to do your share of the chores. This makes you dedicate some of your time to cooking, cleaning and for other chores. This way you already know how much time you need to spend on your studies, on the chores, and on leisure. Valuing every second of your life becomes a priority for you as you don’t want to look back and regret the time spent on unimportant activities.

Student's Home

As a result, many students learn to effectively multitask and combine, for example, mopping the floor with revising a poem. This is helpful especially if you are a kind of a person who likes keeping everything in order, learning this skill will make your job a lot easier for a lifetime. Multitasking will become an inseparable part of your life which will save a lot of time.

As to your privacy, you control your own life and tell others the information you want them to know about your personal life. You become self-reliant and along with the trust of your family members, they will be sure you aren’t affected by a group of “bad guys”.

You start appreciating your family members more

When you live with your parents, you take a lot of things for granted. The moment when you are in bed and your mother brings the coffee, you wake up and your breakfast is on the table, your outfit is already ironed and which saves approximately 40 minutes on sleeping or taking care of your appearance. While living away from your family, you start understanding the level of care your parents had for you and think how blind a child could be not to notice all those efforts your parents are making to keep you safe and carefree.

Family home for students
Family Home

However, you will become more independent and start solving problems which back home, were the concern of your parents. For example, paying the rent, going grocery shopping, turning off the light before going to bed. All of these add up to the list of your responsibilities as a grown-up. Another important thing that you learn is taking responsibility for your own actions. It is always easy to blame others, and especially family members when something goes wrong in your life. But when you live on a campus, it is less possible that someone will tell you a couple of words for caution. Your brain needs to analyze all the information by itself and make all the decisions alone.

At home, you would share your concerns with your mother and her instincts would tell her she doesn’t like that particular friend of yours. This would make you give more attention to details while communicating with that person. Family gatherings are another thing you will miss and you will start waiting for holidays to go home, just have a rest, talk to your family and share the latest news with each other. A simple thing like going back home will become something you will be looking forward to and that moment is really beautiful.

You experience changes in your behavior and character

Whether moving into a new city or a country, you are going to meet people who are not like the ones you saw at your hometown. You experience too many different characteristics and meet people from different backgrounds, nations, and upbringing. This helps you embrace diversity and communicate more effectively with other students as you become fine with the difference you and your friends have. Communicating with these new people might be a challenge for you and accepting it is the number one priority in terms of social life.

You don’t find yourself in the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) situation when you think all the others at college/university are having a fabulous time but you are sitting at home and watching TV with your family or looking after your cat. You start dedicating time both to your friends and family, making sure none of these relationships suffers.

One important aspect you will encounter is your parent's attitude towards you changes and they stop treating you as a child. Instead, they rely on you as a grown-up who can solve problems and make decisions.

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