Developers are aliens of the 21st century. We tend to have specific associations related to them. We imagine a geek wearing a big hoodie, antisocial or “not social,” who talks, thinks and lives in praise of technology. Structure and solitude make them comfortable, so they alienate from modern crowded societies.
If you are a developer, this article is for you. Have fun reading it! Alternatively, if you want to understand them better, this blog is a 101 introduction to the new world of programming.

Why developers are different from other …. human species

Once upon time humanity developed a computer. By overstepping 500 million years of evolution new humans species ended up ruling this world’s innovations. Computer for a regular person is nothing more than an MS-Excel sheet provider, a super portable screen for your Netflix, that enables you to chat on Facebook and calculate your bills. However, the developers see the computer as their soulmate, love of their lives.

Now let me give you some reliable facts and reasons on “Why developers are different than other humans.”

Computers are voodoo magic for developers.

Wingardium leviosa… and artificial intelligence is under their fingertips. For every action of modern human life, there is a code that makes it happen. Developers create a software of your coffee machine, smartphone, an application that reminds you to drink water.
We can all agree that their skill became an unavoidable necessity of the modern world. In short, programmers are cool aliens with magical abilities, take that if you want.

Imagine you math teacher asks you to calculate the amount of prime number in 1000.

Tedious, unnecessary work. It is a stressful task and who has time for it? You can google it, or write code and calculate the answer in less than 10^(-3) seconds.
You give some set of instruction to perform like, multiply given number with 100 and then add…… as you do in the calculator. Even if we do not know how to code developers calculate even a 2+2 equals to… by writing code.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
int main()

{    int low, high, i, flag;
   cout << "Enter two numbers(intervals): ";  

cin >> low >> high;
   cout << "Prime numbers between " << low << " and " << high << " are: ";
   while (low < high)  


   flag = 0;
       for(i = 2; i <= low/2; ++i)      


  if(low % i == 0)      


       flag = 1;    



       if (flag == 0)    

       cout << low << " ";


   return 0;


Developer - A person who converts coffee into code

Do you remember the last time you were bored in your office and were passing your time by watching tasty food tutorial videos that are always hovering around your timeline? Well, for developers the only videos that show up on their timeline are the advertisements of the best coffee beans or the best coffee making videos. Regular human has a blood type A+ or 0+, but developers have caffeine in their veins. Coffee is so essential to them that their brain identifies caffeine as a fuel. The smell of the coffee stimulates them to attain the maxim of enlightenment and even spirituality.

Let's state it clear: Programmers are different.

Today, the developers are more than just innovators, who think outside of the box. They are people who drive Customer experience, Customer interactivity, Application functioning, Application usability to the next level. They are expected to think differently to match the requirements. Developers think about all aspects of human psychology that are related to software or application.

Regular humans are experimental users that are needed to test their masterpiece.

Do you remember Terminator(1984) with Arnold Schwarzenegger? The Terminator from the future sees human being differently. He analyzes them in encrypted data. Developers aren’t different.

If you happen to know a developer, and he annoys you... Here is a guide on how to annoy them back!

Do you want to annoy these superior, social class?

“A developer can get angry easily if he/she has to work with bad code, bad deployment, bad setup, etc. An app that is badly written and structured can be a real nightmare to work on.” - Viktor Velev, Senior Software Developer.

Step 1 Become a know-it-all client. Convince yourself that you know better than the programmer.

Step 2 Since you are a “programmer,” change requirements halfway through the project development process.

Step 3 Schedule as many meetings as possible.

Step 4 Appoint a non-technical manager, which will lead to impossible deadlines, confusion, misguidance, and stress.

Step 5 Make your programmer fix somebody else’s bugs.

In the end you have a stressed and annoyed developer! Congratulations. If you want your programmer to be happy redo Step 1 to 5 and enjoy better and more efficient code.  

Do you want to become a developer? Here is a guide in order to become one:

1) Start dating your computer - understand its ability, love it, because you need to build a future together.

2) Take things to the next level. Invest your time, money, patience; forget your expectations about having a healthy, balanced life; give up everything and start a never-ending journey of learning programming languages. Such as-as Java (a language superior to all the languages), Python (the name itself suggests that it's going to be a poisonous, stinging snake in your life), SQL (when you need to find storage for your data because the storage on your computer was not enough), C and C++(Do not know why do we have to learn it because it is just a kindergarten student in the world of programming), Javascript (Because HTML is very basic, and developers need something wild and happening in their life) and more or less 50 other programming languages which humans would never relate to.

3) If you still have the persuasion and the perseverance, start coding. To explain shorty coding is hard. Imagine I tell you to point to your nose. Instead of doing it the simple way, you move your finger towards the opposite side from the backward and then touch the tip of your nose (if you still can!). That’s what coding is in the real life.

4) You need to be born with the understanding that whatever you create will fail all the laws of Newton. Action is not equal to reaction. Whatever you did today, you will be required to redo tomorrow and so on till you hit the gates of heaven.

5) If you have passed these levels - Voila! There you are, the developer. Happy, Satisfied in life - or maybe not. By spending so much time with your computer, you probably forgot to communicate with the outside world...

Why would somebody become a developer?

They are Harry Potters of the 21st century! Who wouldn’t want it!

Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

With the rising need for solving critical problems in the most optimized ways, many popular programming languages emerged and advanced. From launching Apollo 11 to the Moon with 64KB memory to having 256GB smartphones in our hands, we have come a long way far. In the last couple of decades, technology-related jobs have been in high demand. Computer programming has become an integral aspect of it and has undoubtedly emerged as one of the highest paid technical qualifications. If you’re interested in becoming a developer, it’s necessary to be well-versed in many programming languages, and then continue to learn new languages as you gain more experience. People who are enthusiastic to upgrade their programming skills will always be in demand.

To wrap it all up, let’s compare the daily life of a developer and a human.

Now you see that developers need to be respected for the job they do! Anyone can become a human being, but only a few reach to the summit to become a developer.