B2B marketing at its core involves building a sustainable relationship with customers. Whether your client is another company, government agency, hospital or school, B2B marketing is specific and has its own techniques and marketing channels.

B2B marketing requires close attention to every prospective candidate due to the small size of the market in general.

What if we tell you that you can shorten the sales cycle and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Look around we live in an era of fastest developing softwares. Solutions to your problems exist and are listed down below!

We've prepared a list of 8 B2B marketing tools that can maximize your marketing results.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

“Target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach.”

Retrieved from: ART + marketing

LinkedIn sales navigator was developed to build and nurture customer relationship that leads to increased sales performance. You can target the right audience and understand what buyers value, and engage with a buyer with personalized outreach.
Let's say that you are looking for engineers in Ireland. First, you use a lead builder to easily find prospects. LinkedIn has a wide profile of senior-level professionals as well as decision makers.

20 filters help you to find who you are looking for keywords, company name, industry, title, seniority level etc. If your marketing persona is a specific person, LinkedIn sales navigator will help you to find him/her.

Then save leads who you think correspond to your ideal customer.

Although, at a first glance Sales Navigator looks like a simple Linkedin profile search. It is, but better. Sales Navigator integrates with your CRM, gives you the option to add notes and tags, and real-time sales update. If your customers are using LinkedIn, then Sales Navigator is a perfect tool to find them.

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Retrieved from: Trailhead - Salesforce.com

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.” - a definition by Salesforce.

In the beginning, Salesforce was a small startup offering a sales automation software, whereas today it offers a complex platform with a solution to everything related to sales: partner community, marketing, service, sales, commerce, decision analytics, custom apps, connected buildings.

Salesforce Einstein is an AI application for sales data processing. The program collects and analyses information to deliver accurate predictions and suggestions that are tailored to your unique needs.

(Retrieved from: Salesforce Help)

Salesforce Einstein works as a personal data scientist that assist in identifying new leads. It prioritizes leads according to your own data identifying buyer persona's industry, location, and position at a company. Einstein gives ranking to your potential clients from 0 to 100, so you can easily maximize your marketing efforts by targeting the right audience that will more likely convert to a client. Moreover, the application analyzes client engagement to fully understand their behaviors and brings personalization to the next level.


“Create, send, track, and eSign client-facing documents designed to win more business.”

(Retrieved from: www.pandadoc.com)

PandaDoc is a drag-and-drop software that helps businesses to create sales proposals and any other sales documents. You can create, send and track the performance of your documents.

You can drastically save your time you spend from start to finish on proposals, quotes, contracts. Collaborate with team members by assigning permissions and access to documents. Discover what happens after you send your proposal with real-time notifications and comprehensive document analytics that help you accelerate your sales cycle.


(Retrieved from : www.tdsmaker.com)

Communication in B2B content marketing plays a crucial role connecting parties and facilitating sales cycle. Data sheets are used by sales representatives to convince a buyer that your product is the best solution in the market, specifications, and characteristics of it. The more informed is your client about your product, the easier it is for him/her to make a buying decision.

Too often, modern businesses still use dated processes because of habit or comfort. This wastes tremendous amounts of time and has a negative effect on their bottom line.

The common way of creating data sheet by using Word, Excel are outdated.

TDSmaker is new data sheet generation solution. The cloud-based software saves your time making professional data sheet from pre-designed templates easier and efficient. You can generate, publish, update, analyze and archive data sheet in one application.

(Retrieved from : TDSmaker template library)

Publish data sheets by integrating TDSmaker with your CRM or website.
Update hundreds of data sheets in one click by using a master template.
Archive your data sheet in a secure cloud.
Analyze the performance of your data sheet.

Intercom: customer messaging platform

(Retrieved from: Intercom)

The way businesses communicate is changing. With the help of globalization, customer reach is growing exponentially, making it harder to communicate with each client/website visitor on personal bases.

Intercom Platform offers a great solution to your customer communications problem. It lets you see who your users and visitors are, and what they do in your app and on your website. It is a pop-up window in the right corner giving a customer a signal that he/she can easily start a conversation with you and that you care about them!


“Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.”

Find the email addresses of people you want to contact one by one or in bulk to enrich your database. The Email Finder uses a large number of signals to find the proven or most probable email address of anyone in a fraction of second.

Do you need to find a new prospect?
1) Type a domain into a search box.
2) Get the most common email format used in the organization.
3) Type a name and get the proven and most likely email address of this person.
4) Check confidence score in percentages.
5) Save a lead to your profile or CRM.


(Retrieved from: www.hellosign.com)

Sign your documents online, legally, without papers. It is a great and cheaper alternative of Adobe Acrobat.

What is a common method of signing a document? You download a document, send it to print, sign and then scan, attach it to your email, send an email. It is a long process, isn’t it?

HelloSign simple and fast software for signing online documents.

1) Choose a person who needs to sign a document.
2) Upload a document from cloud storage drive, your computer or Dropbox.
3) Drag and drop your signature to the document.
4) Send the document to a person.

Netline: High-Quality Lead generation solution

(Retrieved from: YouTube

Generating leads is a complex and expensive activity. But, with targeted follow-ups, you can faster identify qualified opportunities for your sales team to close.

Netline High-Quality Features:

1) Customizable qualification questions
2) Automatic lead validation and field checks
3) Real-time fulfillment with rule-based routing
4) Automatic email alerts. You can use existing client lists, NetLine's Prospect Database, or a feed directly from a lead generation program.

You benefit from using Netline software by optimizing marketing campaigns, accelerate sales cycle and improve sales productivity.

"Our dedication to providing superior quality to our clients can be found throughout our robust AudienceTarget™ technology, advanced campaign insights, a team of demand generation experts, and refined publisher network – built to produce results, again and again." - Robert Alvin, a CEO at Netline.


The success of your organization relies on your ability to adjust to this constantly changing business world. New companies and startups develop new solutions every day that increase your marketing efforts, maximize sales results make certain business processes faster and efficient. You have to enter the game first to stay competitive!