When you show up to your development meeting to discuss another product update, do you get a preemptive headache thinking of all the sales sheets you’ll need to create?

Sales sheets are an extremely important marketing tool but they can be a pain to write and worse, to design. Even without any professional design experience, marketers of technical products can make compelling and detail-driven sales sheets that get straight to the point by understanding current trends in sales sheet design.

Take a look at these sales sheet examples to stay ahead of the curve with your digital marketing strategy.

1. Simple and Effective Design

Technical datasheet example from Solo Stove
Technical datasheet example from Solo Stove

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Professional designs convey the value of your product. Your in-house writers and engineers can create the copy, but you need to have a design that visually magnetizes your reader and immediately and clearly conveys the most important information, like this example from Big Commerce, original graphics theirs.

There are three key elements of sales sheet design:

  • Primacy of details: highlight your unique selling points
  • Use bullets and graphics: simplify complex information with images or figures
  • Match your tone with your design and your brand: Colors and geometry matter on your sales sheet because they trigger responses in the cerebral cortex and help your buyers decide to stay or go
  • Notice how the flame in the image is the same as the one in the Solo Stove logo

2. Less is More

Data sheet example from Chevron
Data sheet example from Chevron

Attention to detail matters. Marketing materials with creative copy and honed messaging work well for overall brand-building, but technical readers and purchasers are looking to compare apples to apples (with your competition).

In this sales sheet example, Chevron immediately shows us immediately that this oil has “long lubricant life in high temperature operations” with a clear, bold bullet point. If the buyer is looking for performance in high temperatures, this is the oil for them.

  • You must boldly demonstrate your unique selling points
  • Ensure information is up to date
  • Use cloud-based sales sheet software to automatically update critical information on your sales sheet (As a side benefit: you could decrease sales sheet development costs by over 85 percent.)

Demonstrate the important details to hook readers and show your competency in the industry.

3. Short and Sweet

Technical specification of iMac
Technical specification of iMac

Use bullets, short phrases, and graphics like this sales sheet example to keep readers attention:

  • Keep data sheets concise and to the point
  • 1-2 pages is a great length
  • Add 2 to 3 key points and 3 to 4 details that set your product or service apart from the masses
  • Update information when your team develops a product upgrade
  • This is especially important in hyper-competitive fields like digital technology

This can be done easily without wasting your graphic designers’ time (and your money) on data entry if you use software that automatically updates and integrates with your web-publishing, like the above example from Apple’s website.

4. Consistent Branding Page After Page

Consistent branding on data sheet of Solenis
Consistent branding from Solenis

Consistent branding is key in any marketing endeavor. According to NorthStar Marketing’s article on the matter “consistency conveys your outlook and attitude.” When you help manufacturers create automobiles, or provide oil and gas products, your customers are looking for a high level of attention to detail. Don’t let your sales sheet contradict your reputation for excellence.

Keep your logo, design, and information consistent on all of the sales sheets you send to prospective customers. A cloud-based software can automatically update the logo and critical elements of the data sheet to keep it on-brand and current for your customers. In this sales sheet example, Solenis uses the same hexagonal shapes on each page for consistent branding.

5. Show Them the Data

Product data sheet from Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Ensure that you give the data and numbers that your buyers want to know. In this technical product data sheet from Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, the details are all there.

  • Make it professional: A polished sales sheet speaks volumes, even in highly technical sales environments where relationships and credibility are the primary currency
  • Make it precise: Double and triple check your stats, spelling, grammar, and technical details before you publish your sales sheet
  • Make it useful: Give your customers valuable information up front so they know you’re in it to help them succeed

You may still get stress headaches, but if you follow the tips from these sales sheet examples, your technical documents won’t be the cause. Share these tips with your team and make sure that your sales sheets are always ahead of the digital marketing curve.

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