To generate profit and keep your company running, you need to constantly convert prospects into clients. In short-term oriented companies, the focus is on optimizing a landing page, paid advertisement, and email marketing. Especially companies like startups need short-term profits to grow. This strategy has one main downside: in a race for a client, startups get too busy and forget the essential aspect of every business - a client.

We forget that behind a laptop, behind cool looking graphs and numbers provided on innovative software, there is a human being with a need for a solution.
Often marketers don't prioritize clients and forget about what clients actually want to get after a purchase. Some buyers want results, some satisfaction, others want to be happy. But they all have one thing in common - your clients don't want to regret buying your product or service.

To make things short, we need sales tactics that bring long-term results, put clients in the center of a company and improve the bottom line. Do you think that it's impossible? Let's figure this out.

Which tactics to use to effectively skyrockets sales?

No wonder it is one of the most asked questions on the internet. No one wants to invest their money and time into marketing efforts, that don't work.

Put your client in the center of your businesses

"Start with the customer and work backward," - Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon.

You won't be able to increase sales without the client-centric approach of running your business. Decades ago businesses used to focus on a product. Companies produced goods whether or not there was a sustainable demand for it. Today, in order to become successful, an entrepreneur should start by learning his audience’ needs. For the growth of sales and profits, it is important to have “client first” attitude.

For instance, Amazon has at least 1 empty chair on a meeting for a client. At Hubspot meeting, there is a Teddy bear representing a customer. These are great examples of making sure that you put your customer is first on every decision.
Personalize 96% of marketers agree that personalization helps to advance customer relationships.

Tom Hanks -  personalization gif

Imagine that 10 or 20 years ago implementing personalization was impossible due to the difficulty of it and lack of personal data. Marketers didn't have access to demographics, interests, behavioral data etc. Today you have access not only to all these information but also appropriate and sophisticated marketing tools to automate personalization.

Marketing automation

Process of marketing automation. Retrieved from USPS Delivers
Process of marketing automation. Retrieved from USPS Delivers

Studies have shown that the introduction of marketing automation  is one of the most effective technique to increase sales. Hundreds of people visit your website, but the majority of them are not ready to buy right away.

Lead generation is the ultimate solution. When a person visits your website, capture their personal information by providing a free handbook or freebie. Then use the data about the person: name, occupation, location etc. The simplest method of personalization is addressing a person by his/her name. Instead of saying "Dear customer", try "Hello, Steven". But marketing automation is much more sophisticated than adding a person's name into an email.

For example, marketing automation tailors your content to each individual, engaging with him the way he/she would want. After software automatically sends a prospect personalized email and follow-up email nurturing and warming him up for a final call to action - to buy your product. All these processes are done automatically saving time for your sales team, which they can use this time to focus on important tasks.

Make thing secure for a prospect to buy your product

Before we talk about credibility, let's imagine that your client came to your website without reading your content, social media account or any other referral. Imagine your prospect found yours organically by googling. And then Google pointed to you as a solution provided to the person’s need.

A human has a need for security. We don't trust brands we have never used before. So, there is a high barrier of fear between a prospect and your product. Your website has to look reliable and trustworthy.

Put your clients on your website, show your new prospects that they are not the first ones to try your service. Asking your current clients for testimonials can be very helpful.

Start with free trial at TDSmaker
Start with free trial at TDSmaker

Moreover, offer a free trial or a freemium plan to try out your product.

TDSmaker - Engage your lead with great data sheets
Engage your lead with great data sheets!

These are small, but extremely vital techniques that destroy a barrier of fear between you and prospects. Thus, increase your sales.

Credibility: Content marketing, Guest blogging, Influencer blogging.

When prospects trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. However, to earn their trust you need to be consistent, deliver the same level of service and keep improving it. Earning credibility can be a challenging task, but is inevitable if you want to grow sales sustainably.

After all, if a person knows and trusts you, you get a powerful competitive advantage.

Here are 3 tactics you can use to earn your positive brand reputation:

1. Content marketing

Learn more about marketing: TDSmaker blog
Learn more about marketing: TDSmaker blog

Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional outbound methods. Content marketing can be a great way to attract traffic, answer questions, and convert leads.

Content marketing improves the credibility of your brand. There are numerous companies that made it due to content marketing. We all know that companies such as KissMetrics, Hubspot and QuickSprout have built their companies using content marketing. There are other successful examples too!

DemandBase is a marketing technology provider that specializes in serving B2B brands. Recently, the firm used white papers, infographics, SlideShare, and webinars to source new leads for one of their campaigns. According to Top Rank Blog, the company generated 1,700 new leads and connected with 125 webinar viewers, helping them to generate over $1 million in new revenue through content marketing.

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2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the process of writing content for another blog hoping to get quality backlinks, traffic, and building relationships with the owner of the blog itself.

You give away unique content for free in order to get backlink/traffic or brand recognition.

4 reasons to start guest blogging:

  1. Attract high-quality traffic
  2. Increase the number of subscribers
  3. Backlinks
  4. Improve website ranking

3. Influencer blogging

Influencer blogging
Influencer blogging (retrieved from

If your brand is unknown to a wide public, influencers can produce complex marketing campaigns in various forms. They can seamlessly recommend your brand or mention it.If influencer's audience has your target sector, then using this strategy can be extremely powerful in increasing sales.

There are many alternatives to a traditional blog post writing. Instead, you can sponsor a live stream collaboration: Q&A session, unboxing video, a video where influencer uses your product or mentions characteristics of your product, behind the scenes footage at events etc.

Podcasts have become popular entertainment. Advertising breakthroughs are a common option for sponsorships, or an author can organically mention your product as a part of the topic.

For example, frequent Freakonomics podcast "Should America Be Run by … Trader Joe’s? (Ep. 359)"

...So we put on our Freakonomics goggles in an attempt to reverse-engineer the secrets of Trader Joe’s. Which, it turns out, are incredibly Freakonomical: things like choice architecture and decision theory. Things like nudging and an embrace of experimentation. In fact, if Freakonomics were a grocery store, it might be a Trader Joe’s, or at least try to be. It’s like a real-life case study of behavioral economics at work.

Freakonomics is a podcast that explores the hidden sides of everything. They were able to connect Trader Joe's grocery store with behavioral economics concepts. Great, isn't it? And most importantly, brand recognition, as well as sales, went up. Because now even loyalist of Whole Foods would want to try out Trader Joe's.

Give back to your clients: Giveaways, Freebies, Special offers

People love free goods. Marketers are using this love of anything free to spread the word about products, find new customers and increase sales.

1. Giveaway

Giveaway (retrieved from Raleigh electrician)

Shopify, the e-commerce platform, argues that Giveaways are a powerful strategy to increase sales. Instead of actual purchasing of your product, users "pay" by spreading good reviews about your brand or with their contact information, which then can be used for targeted advertising and email marketing.

2. Freebies

Create a powerful data sheet and start growing your sales
Create a powerful data sheet and start growing your sales

You can also give away goods without asking anything in return. Does it sound crazy?

Amazon offers a complete book for free download for a limited time. It is all done because publishers and authors realized that offering a book for free can create more sales for the author's other books. If a reader likes the free book, he/she might start looking for other books written by the same author, and this time he/she is actually willing to purchase a book. Also, free books rank higher in the bestseller lists, becoming more visible. Everybody wins: the reader gets a free book, the author received recognition, Amazon receives clients.

Amazone free products

3. Special offers

Special offers deserve their own article about the possible variations that marketer can implement into a sales strategy. Examples are 10% discount to loyal customers, free delivery, student discounts, buy one/get one free, coupons, loyalist points and many more.

According to University of Chicago studies, special offers and promotions produce real conversions, especially during holidays. Moreover, special offers can be used to satisfy different needs: attract a new customer, reward loyal customer, clear inventory.

The good thing about promotions -  you can never make it wrong because people love free stuff.

Make more colorful promotions
Make more colorful promotions

The bottom line of every organization is affected by the not only amount of purchases your clients did, but also your operational costs deduct a fair amount from your income.

Use new software to improve sales process: CRM

Livespace CRM
Retrieved from Livespace CRM

CRM (Customer relationship management)

CRM take sales data and presents in an easy-to-follow format, allowing users to monitor sales processes, staff performance and, as a result, optimize selling.
If adopted and used correctly, CRM is going to boost the performance of any sales team, and will help salespeople to excel in 4 areas that are critical for them:

  1. Better search, sort and qualify leads
  2. Follow up on sales opportunities systematically and on time
  3. Prioritize and rationalize follow up activities
  4. Increase target reach rates faster

CRM saves your time, thus your money.

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Firstly, focus on building your product around a customer.

Secondly, increase the credibility of your brand.

Thirdly, take care of your customer by giving them free products.

Fourthly, optimize your sales operations. By lowering your operation cost, you improve the bottom line.

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