Having immense knowledge is not enough to win over interviewers. You need to keep a lot many factors in mind and just knowing answers to the questions asked is not enough to get a job. So how to be your true-self in a pressurized environment like an interview? Let's find out.

Be Genuine

Your interviewer has probably interviewed hundreds of candidates and therefore will instantly identify fake versus genuine. So, well-rehearsed answers mouthed to earn brownie points will not help. On the contrary, such standard answers may actually put off interviewers. Therefore, try to be yourself. While you obviously you need to be prepared for the interview and even practice your answers, try not to give stereotype answers. Being genuine will earn you points and raise your impression in the eyes of the interviewer.

If at the interview you did not understand a question or do not know the answer, do not give a vague answer. Instead, be honest and tell them humbly that you have no idea about the topic. This will not only create a positive impression in the minds of the interviewers, but also save you from being embarrassed. Often, in an interview, one question leads to another…so when you don’t know something, be straightforward.

Highlight Your Interests

One of the most common questions which you face at an interview is about your past experience. Please note this is not a quantitative question, but a qualitative one. Instead of listing all your companies and campaigns, mention how much you enjoyed doing the work, like interacting with the customers or chalking out the market strategies. This kind of answer proves that you took your job seriously and have tried to be involved in the work which was given to you. This creates a positive image of the interviewee as companies these days do not just look for workers, but for enthusiasts who will be satisfied with their job role. So how can you do this? Go through your resume properly and jot down all the interesting stuff you have done in your previous and present organization.

Also, restrain from saying fake answers like you like helping others or helping community unless you are applying for a job at an NGO…Answer to the point about what genuinely interests you at your current job.

Provide precise answers

Provide precise answers on the interview
Provide precise answers on the interview

This is the next must have information for facing the interview. Research and know about the company. Most of the interviewers prefer to ask about their company from the interviewee and abrupt answers like “your company is a big name in the market” will not help. This kind of answer will mark you as insincere and thoughtless. Rather be ready with answers which have significant content. For example, which kind of products are manufactured by the company or how they performed in the last financial year.

Often you’ll be asked about why you want to leave your present job…Here you will need to restrain yourself from bad mouthing your present company or present boss. Also, do not give unclear answers like you’d like to work for a big company like yours’…Instead dig deeper. And try to find out the answer as to why you really want to change the job before you appear for the interview.

Showcase your skills

Be authentic in an interview. Have a positive outlook about yourself. There is an obvious need to let the interviewers know your talents, but there should not be any exaggeration regarding the scopes, activities and impact. Also, while informing about your skills keep in mind that these should be in context of your work experience. This is important because through this narrative interviewers will try to understand how your skills and experience will be relevant to their organization.

Do not be overtly certain

There are a few questions like “what are your future plans?” Are you really sure where you want to be after 5 years? If not, there is no need to convince the interviewers with a false answer, like you want to see yourself as the Vice President of the company after 5 years.

Embrace your weaknesses

Embrace your weaknesses
Embrace your weaknesses 

You know and even your interviewer knows that you are not perfect. So why act? One of the top most questions asked in the interviews is, “What is one of your greatest weaknesses?” and if you try to be playful and funny while answering this question, then this is going to be a big mistake. Try to be cool in an interview by speaking out your true weaknesses by informing your true weaknesses; this is not going to be a mistake but will make you trustworthy to your interviewers.

So differentiate yourself from the passive interviewees by giving relevant and deep- thought answers.

Strike a balance between being humble and exaggerating

Do not overstate your achievements nor do depreciate yourself. Try to be objective and mention your achievements as a matter of fact. If it was a team effort, do not forget to mention so. If it was you who lead the team, say it in a way that it doesn’t sound too boisterous. You can use the free information sheet templates and enhance your reputation in front of the interviewer through the proper presentation of case studies.

How to organize an interview process with documentation?

Interview get the job
Interview get the job

Most interviewers these days use different methods and documents to push themselves to forefront. Data sheet is recently used instead of CV and helps applicants to get a head start. Personal Data sheet allows you to present your skills and experiences briefly and show you cool 😎.

The company that is interviewing you is looking out for a person who will be working for them…so show them your real self and the rest will follow automatically!

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