The product pages are the important doors open to sales. Visitors look for their specific need or info they need. After taking a glance on the page - nearly 5 seconds, the potential customer wants to get detailed info about the product. In this stage, you can’t let them slip through your fingers without any interaction. Your product data sheet is the key of your e-commerce website which will open the door to sale. You may not like or you may hate to create data sheets but these documents help you to get a new customer, increase ROI and support you to catch your KPIs indirectly. So you should generate product data sheets to leave a good impression with its design and convince visitors to get in touch with its content. At the end of the day, you can increase sales conversion with product data sheets and that is why we have written this article.

We won’t mention about what is data sheet? or “ how to read a data sheet” because we all know it. Here is tips how you can increase sales conversion with product data sheets.

Remember the scope of the product data sheets: getting the attention of visitors to contact you.

Before starting, the main purpose of data sheets must be highlighted: the goal is to convince visitors that they should contact you to purchase your product or buy it online. Your product data sheet should show key the points of the product and provide all the crucial information for the customers. Visitors who found what they looked for in data sheet and decided to get more info or purchase it, will reach out to you. So your sales will be increased with conversion rate. Here are some tips to collect lead info and increase conversion rate.

Tip 1: Embed product main info to product page

Don’t forget that visitor had reviewed your competitors’ product before landing on your website. They compare your product with others, so you mustn’t get off on a sidetrack with unnecessary info. So, keep product data in brief and give more information on your product data sheet. You can enrich product information page with visuals like product image, technical drawings, graphics. The visual is also important for SEO optimization of your page, but also to capture the interest of visitors. Ultimately, visitors look the visual firstly. In particular, visual gains importance for the e-commerce website.

Don’t allow the visitor to get lost in long paragraphs. It causes to miss the key points and to lose concentration. The main product characteristics can be shown as “bullet list” - it features the important info briefly. You must avoid any duplicate content such as copied and pasted text from other product pages. Common terms on your sector are helpful to express specific features and characteristic of the product but on the other hand, customization of common expresses and idioms makes a difference on the product page.

A product page in BASF

After you direct them to find more info, then your professional product data sheet will make an entrance. While sharing this information, keep in your mind that following a path- general to detail- will help to pick up the attention of readers. Your data sheets must give technical information and be using info and put some topics to the forefront like features, general descriptions, and applications. Present them on the first page if possible. For instance, reading an electronic component, semiconductor data sheet is harder due to more technical details with a lot of pages. So, my recommendation to data sheet writers is to walk in a path of content and consider the readers' profile. The first page includes usually a summary of the product definition and features. This page will often give the reader a good first impression to read details on other pages. Technical readers care about product characteristics like storage conditions or schematic diagram, but on the other hand, the purchaser will be looked for different parts such as ordering information, shipping conditions or guarantee limits. This case differs industry to industry but the common success point for all industries is to make product data sheet clear and brief.

An example product specification sheet from Philips Semiconductor
An example product specification sheet from Philips Semiconductor 

Next step is to follow visitors and contact them.

Tip 2: collect data and contact your new lead

As you know, a visitor who is in need of download or view data sheet actually has an interest in your product. Because clicking “View Product Data Sheet” button means that (s)he is looking for further information about your product. This is the best moment to catch visitor’s contact info. There are different ways to get contact info of your new lead. One of the most commonly used and easy ways is to lay membership down as the condition for getting data sheet PDF.

Sign up to view data sheet method can be easily add on your product page by an employee with coding skill or IT department on your company. When a visitor clicks the data sheet button, you should request to sign up with a pop-up. Keep this form clear and short. Don’t ask for unnecessary information. Generally, name-surname and Email address sections are enough for this forms type.

Tip No 3: Strengthen product data sheets with other marketing documents

In addition to the method mentioned above, you can interact with potential leads by using Email capture lists. Without any push on sign up process, you can motivate visitors to fill contact form with pop-ups on the product page. The effective way to collect more lead info is to create professional-looking pop-ups! So the new lead list will be collected automatically. You have many options for list builder or form collection application. Mind to List Builders converts one-time visitors into leads and then customers. Many of them provide cheap and effective solutions. When you got contact info of one-time-visitor, (s)he became a new lead and enter your sales and marketing funnel. So, you will acquire new leads and can increase sales conversion.

Sub-Hint and reminder:

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