Why Data Sheet Are One Of The Most Important Bridge For Sale

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Every person that I talk to who has just entered a sales or marketing role says that it’s tough, especially when thinking about new ways to use the carry out the same sales strategies that a company has been using for many years. Cold calls, email campaigns, door to door prospecting, and follow ups can muddy the sales process if it’s a person’s first sales job. Tools that makes sales specialists more efficient can be a huge help at any level of experience.

When pitching to prospects or existing clients, being clear about what problem is being solved by a product or service is the most important obstacle marketers and salespeople have to overcome right from the start. Figuring out a way to present this information via phone call, presentation or email campaign can be stalled by differences in opinion between sales and marketing departments, failing to keep a consistent branding message between prospects, or even making sure that sales professionals have accurate information before they pitch to customers.

Datasheets, are documents that find a balance between comprehensive technical white papers, and a more basic kind of brochure. They provide a summary of what a product or service is capable of doing, technical specifications where applicable, and if done correctly, can contain just enough information so that prospects can make a final buying decision.

Salesforce compares datasheets in sales, to “cheat sheets” that students use right before taking a test to quickly go over important facts or formulas so that they’ll be able to remember relevant information right before answering tough questions. This concept applies perfectly to sales professional who are trying to present their products or services in a clear, concise way to their clients.

There is no doubt that we are in the digital century where people are always looking to get as much information as possible in order to make informed purchases but also in a way that has as little impact on the environment as possible. Providing your datasheets via your website in direct emails and even allowing them to download them onto their mobile devices is just one of the ways you can achieve that slim line and conscientious approach that customers crave.

One of the advantages of creating and managing your datasheets digitally is that you are able to easily and quickly share with you customers and potential clients through multiple channels and devices such as email, print, websites, mobile devices, advertisements and many more.

If you’re a Sales and Marketing Specialist and you’re not currently using datasheets as a bridge between your product or service and potential clients, I’d suggest putting together a great datasheet to be included in your sales strategies. They work in absolutely any industry simply because they’re able to be customizable and are able to cover enough information that customers can use to make buying decisions.

Never used a datasheet before? No Problem. TDSmaker provides a platform for any company looking to say more with less, specifically through the use of datasheets. In a sales setting, once a client has information in front of him presented by a well put together datasheet, a sales professional can use more time answering questions or addressing concerns, than tiring out a client by explaining a product or service.

TDSmaker, a company used by many manufacturers, semi conductor industry professionals, software developers and even designers is a company that offers free datasheet templates for anyone looking to design one. They make it easy to design your own datasheet from scratch, and if you’re a start-up or small company, TDSmaker offers a simple, no-nonsense approach to datasheet design for your company.

If you’re in sales or marketing, and haven’t started using datasheets as a tool to present information about your product or service to clients, you should seriously consider it as a bridge between your products and your prospects.

This piece was written by Issac Loya

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