What are the best backlink methods for SEO?

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Backlinks are important. The reason is simple: the reference profile of the website plays an essential role in the promotion.

If many links point to your website, search engines like Google can infer that content is valuable. So backlinks have a positive effect on your website’s ranking position or search visibility.

Side note: Often backlinks are called “link juice” in SEO industry jargon. Do you want people to know your brand name and your product? It’s possible with backlinks.

There are many powerful backlinks method you can choose from. Size of your company, its overall mission, and your marketing objective will determine which channel suits you the best.

In this post, we will talk about how to save on buying backlinks and what are the best methods to increase traffic to your website.

Do you want people to know your brand name and your product? It’s possible with backlinks.

There are many powerful backlinks method you can choose from. Size of your company, its overall mission, and your marketing objective will determine which channel suits you the best.

In this post, we will talk about how to save on buying backlinks and what are the best methods to increase traffic to your website. Social networks

Using social networks is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to get backlinks and increase the visibility of your company/ brand in the search results.

Some social networks allow you to get dofollow links, on other media you can only get nofollow links. Even though the value of the first is significantly higher, you should not underestimate the second type of links.

Do you know the difference between nofollow and dofollow?

Nofollow links do not allow search engines to follow a link. This means if a website owner is linking back to you, nofollow links don’t affect your website rating.

An example of nofollow link:<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

Dofollow links allow Google or Bing to follow them and link to your website. Dofollow gives both a link juice and a backlink. For example, all hyperlinks by default are dofollow.

An example of Dofollow Link:
<a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>

LinkedInPinterest & TumblrYoutubeFacebookTwitterRedditSnapchat, Instagram — and many of your countries local social networks. Chinese Wechat, Korean Kakao Talk and Russian Vk are perfect if your business operates in only your local area.

By building relationships within your internet social community, you are creating great backlinks, that benefit your Google rating as well as brand awareness.

Do you have something to sell? Ask your buyers to live a link on their social network platforms.

Are you a SaaS company? Ask your buyers to live a link to your website.

Are you an artist? Ask your followers to live a link to your profile?

But instead of asking — work on content that is valuable, exciting, and captivating. Make your followers, subscribers want to share it to their pages.

Invest your time into an analysis of who your followers are, what is appealing to them, and what content will suit your audience. Most of the social network have in-build analytical tools that show demographics as well as the interest of your followers.

Blog platforms

The next obvious answer is Blog platforms. Independent blogging platforms as Blogger and Medium can be a source of backlinks and additional traffic. 
Writing a comprehensive content is a crucial step here. You need to write content that is better than what your competitors are producing.

To make your content stand out:

Write an excellent headlineInclude eye-catching imagesWrite a tag and meta description using keyword analysisInvest more time on the structure of your content and make it uniqueDon’t forget to ad socials at the end of each blog

The rule is simple: Don’t place the same content on all platforms. Besides, each of the sites has its own unique features that should be considered when developing content.

Blogger (ex-Blogspot): Blog service from Google, which provides the ability to post dofollow links.
MediumLarge independent service, popular in professional circles.

Q&A services

The primary usefulness of question and answer services in the context of promoting your website or brand is not so much the generation of backlinks, but the increase in awareness, as well as the direction of traffic to the landing page.

Separate attention should be paid to several important Q & A services, which can be useful for promoting your projects:

Quora:An international service of questions and answers, much of which is sharpened for questions of a professional nature. Useful for those who are advancing in foreign markets.

As Quora is considered to be an international website with users all over the globe. Also, try to find local Q&A services. For example, in the Russian speaking world, people often use mail.ru or vk.ru forums to find information.


Commenting on forums using links is one of the simplest and most common link building methods. It is enough to find relevant discussions with topics that best fit your niche. Take into consideration “atmosphere” of the platform and its rules. Some forums have strict regulations, so be careful and don’t get banned.

You must first check:

Does the forum have trafficIs there a regular activity on it. Analyze users of the forum, can you find your prospects in the forum

Guest posts or blog posts on thematic media

The “Blog” section in thematic media can be considered the next link in the evolution of “author columns” and the column “letters from readers” in traditional print media. The only difference is that now posting is much easier than before. Now for publication, it is enough to log in, download the material, take care of the formatting and availability of the necessary links, and click on the “Publish” button.

On the one hand, this is an ideal way to leave an organic link on a trusted website, and on the other, to earn great traffic directly from the site’s news feed and organic search (provided that your material will interest readers and cause a resonance).
In a word, whatever one may say, publishing in blogs of popular niche media is a profitable venture. You only need time and a little effort to write unique and valuable content that must be approved for publication by the moderators of the chosen site.

Posting reviews

Many foreign companies that provide products or services for business willingly post feedback from their users, indicating, along with the name of the company or website, which is especially crucial for us.

Take advantage of this option and ask your colleagues to leave reviews on the sites of all services that you use in your work.

Participation in conferences and specialized events

Participation in specific events can not only benefit you from traditional PR but also open up additional opportunities for link building. Send an employee as a speaker, become an information partner or sponsor, and you are guaranteed to receive your cherished backlinks from the event website. Do not forget to voice the requirements for links at the start of cooperation with the organizers of the event.

In addition to attending conferences giving speeches and interviews and making donations is beneficial for your website traffic.

Usually, newspapers, podcasts, non-profit organizations have a high rank in Google. A nofollow link from those websites will help sufficiently.


This method of link mining can be called the most resource-intensive. It’s free but requires immense time and your nerve cells.

You will be faced with a whole series of edits before the publication is approved by the administrators. However, when the page is published, you will receive your coveted trust backlink.

Search for references to a company without references.

If your company is known outside its office, then surely it is sometimes mentioned in thematic media and blogs (both personal and corporate). Some of them put links that can be easily tracked (for example, using Google Analytics or Serpstat), others are limited to text references. In the case of the first, everything is clear, but what about the references without references? Of course, to correct the situation and everywhere put down excellent and correct links to your site!

To find all the text references and provide them with relevant links, you need to follow these steps:

1) Find ReferencesThis can be done in Google search, using several basic search operators. To compose a search query, just use a template of the form:“Brand name” or “your website name” -your site.ru -twitter.com -facebook.comThe quotes are used to exactly match the key phrase, and the hyphen is used to exclude references from your own site and, for example, from social networks.

It is also worthwhile to set up regular tracking of references. To do this, use the free functionality of Google Alertsor any other specialized service such as Mention.

Write to webmasters with a request to put the links in the required places.

And it’s all? — You ask. Yes, everything is straightforward.

2) Write a letter

Write a grateful, polite and friendly letter asking a person to add links to your website. If necessary, send another email in a few days, but without excessive fanaticism.

Note: Do not forget that before placing (or attempting to put) links on sites with references to your company, you should first make sure that the site is not spammed and does not automatically parse content, as well as selling links. You can check this with the help of various metrics available in Netpeak Checker, in particular — Moz Spam Score.

To summarize, the Internet has many opportunities for backlink methods. Choose wisely and good luck! We have summarized backlinks method in accordance of difficulty of creating them.

Originally published at blog.tdsmaker.com on October 29, 2018.

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