Sales Sheet Preparation Steps and Inspirational Examples

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Sales sheet is a powerful marketing tool usually used as a first step in the sales funnel. It creates awareness and can turn a prospect into a lead. You can send sales sheet to as many prospects as possible within seconds! This marketing tool can become a beginning of a long-term customer relationship with your company.

Ideal sales sheet is informative, professional looking, corresponds to the overall positioning of your business and most importantly it catches the attention of your buyer persona.

Although it is believed that the sales sheet is a technical document, the design is as important, as it drives customer’s attention.

Do you feel uninspired and run out of ideas? Let us introduce you to 7 Sales Sheet examples that will put you back on track!

If you are new to the Sales Sheet, the rules are simple!

Firstly here is a checklist of aspects to include:

  • Your logo and product name
  • High-resolution product pictures
  • Benefits backed by data
  • Contact information
  • Call to action
  • Certificated, Awards

1.Your sales sheet should be appealing to your potential customer

Think about your buyer personas first. Take into consideration their age, social status, buying behavior. For example, to appeal to elder customer segment use big, readable fonts, and calmed, saddle color pallets.

Especially if your goal is to expand into foreign markets, your sales sheet design should be influenced by cultures and customs of the prospects’ market. Get inspired by local advertisement strategies and develop ways to make your sales sheet stand out.

Consider the psychological and cultural connotation of colors you want to use. To conjure up a particular emotion in your design, investigate the psychological and cultural meanings behind colors. While different people have specific preferences or reactions, there are general associations for every color that also varies from one culture to another.

Most importantly, B2B and B2C have different buying behaviors; thus they react differently to the Sales Sheet design. Regular customers can make a buying decision based on pictures and unique design. In contrast, businesses require numbers, information, and certificates. Here are two examples of Sales Sheet for B2C and B2B markets, it will not be hard to guess which one is what.


Digital camera sales sheet examples created with TDSmaker

Two examples from food and drink products

TDSmakeris used by many manufacturers, sales force, software developers and even designers. It is a great tool to create data sheets.Moreover, TDSmaker reduces costs, increases efficiency for those who create technical, informative documents. It’s easy to design your sales sheet within minutes by following predesigned templates.

After you finalized your potential buyer’s characteristics and how to appeal to them. It’s time to choose a layout and a design.

2.Take time and effort to make the Sales Sheet look professional

While choosing a layout, keep in mind that you don’t get a second chance for the first impression. Sales sheet is your first introduction as a company. Keep it simple, informative and just perfect. The information should be as short as possible, divided into clear, readable sections. Create a structure that will be easy to follow and don’t overwhelm your reader with too much of everything.


Keep your sales sheet simple and informative

3.The corporate style of your company must be preserved

 Your company’s marketing team probably have already established a market positioning of your company. Logo, website, social media share the same corporate style.

First, start from logo colors and then add complementary colors to rich a harmonic design. Colors communicate your branding. Your drawing has to match it. If you want to convey a calm, trustworthy, reliable mood — choose brown, blue and white. And avoid colors expressing fun, energy, and excitement.

Create colorful and good-looking sales sheets with TDSmaker

Take a look at traditional colors used in industry

Any industry has a particular theme of colours. For example, many established wine producer with a long history of winemaking usually deviate from bright, flashy themes. You can see in the cases below how the sales sheet looks trustworthy, reliable and traditional. But if you notice, by including a colour pop in your sales sheet, traditional colours can be enhanced and come alive.


Fill your sales sheet with well-written information

The next step is to fill your sales sheet with information that will sell.

4.Show them benefits backed by data. Numbers convince a buyer better than any adjectives

Yes, a design is an essential aspect of any Sales Sheet, but design only catches attention. Your product has to prove that it will satisfy your prospects needs. Show them specifications, features. Explain why they need to buy your product. Do you have any awards or certificates? Add it too!

To make a killer Sales Sheet answer the following questions:

  • How does your product solve the buyer’s problem? (Include 3–5 benefits)
  • What is your product? (Add pictures or well-written explanation)
  • What is so unique about your product? (Answer this questions from client’s perspective!)
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors?
Make sales sheets stand out with TDSmaker

And lastly…


It vital to include contact information, stated clearly. Tell a reader how and where they can buy your excellent product!

Never forget to add contact information on your sales sheets

For more information 👉 Why Data Sheet Are One Of The Most Important Bridge For Sale

To wrap it all up, the Sales Sheet incorporates a variety of different elements, which make it challenging to keep a golden line between overloading it with information, tables and design elements with pictures. Both have to blend harmonically and appeal to your buyer persona. Well-structured Sales Sheet send a key message to your prospect and can convince him/her to make a buying action.

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