Product Spec Sheets: What Are They and How to Use Them

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“ Product spec sheets are a guide item for your buyers expect you to have them.”

Companies throughout the world are trying their best to truly deliver the best products to their customers wherein their primary goal is for the customers’ satisfaction. But, almost 50% of them failed.

Now, the question is, why? The direct answer to that question is because they do not use the product spec sheets.

You may wonder, what are those? Why are those things necessary?

What is a product spec sheet?

A product spec sheet is a set of information and data about the summary of a product. That information and data may contain:

  • Description — What the product is about? Who made the product?
  • Components/Ingredients — What the product is made of?
  • Usability — What is the function of the product? How to use it?
  • Handling — How to take care of the product?
  • Disposal — How to safely dispose or recycle the product?

These data are precisely organized to facilitate the users of the sheet to a better understanding of that product. By using spec sheets, companies can easily tell the customers about the performance of the products that they are selling. In addition, companies can also implement product spec sheets for the internal communication between employees. Therefore, unsurprisingly, product spec sheets are useful for enterprises from various fields.

How to use product spec sheets?

A product spec sheet’s design must be in an organized and structured way so that the users of the spec sheet can easily understand it. It also must contain enough information. To use the product spec sheets correctly, you need to know about the spec sheets’ fields, whether in science, engineering, or business, etc. Then, you use it by adhering well to the following lists:

1. Science Field: Lots of scientific terms that are hard to understand

Firstly, from the field of science, to be more precise in the chemistry field. There are myriads of unique materials’ name in the field of chemistry. And some of those uniquely named materials are being the part of chemical products. I am not a scientist nor a chemist. Not all of us in the world are scientists or chemists. Customers that are not familiar with those unique names, may get confused and could possibly lead to misuse of that chemical products. Product spec sheets provide a set of definition and information about those chemical materials for the customers in an understandable way. Spec sheets likewise educate the customers on how to properly use and store the chemical products. Hence, with the guidance of the spec sheets, customers will be able to maximize the utilization of the chemical products in a safe manner.

A specification sheets from a chemical product

2. Engineering Field: Very complicated sets of data to convey

Secondly, spec sheets are also influencing the field of engineering, especially from the perspective of engineers. Since technologies and electronics require a specific and complicated set of data to convey, thus, engineers used documents that might include the overall blueprint of a machine/component. These documents are being used by engineers to communicate with each other, to truly create the best product for the customers. In the past, engineers used to convey the performance of a machine/component through conventional and unorganized documents. These sorts of conventional documents were frequently misleading and creating false concepts about that machine/component, which could lead to a product failure.

With its precisely organized way of communication, a product spec sheet serves as the best solution to replace the use of conventional documents and be used by engineers to effectively convey the performance of a product. Therefore, nowadays, most of the engineering firms are using product spec sheets to help them with the communication between engineers. As an example, these days, we can see that most of the electronic components are having the detailed specification in their product spec sheets.

Example: Toyota

Toyota is one of the pioneers of product spec sheets usage in the engineering field:

· Visual display of production information

· Controls the movement of materials

· Quicken the communication between workers (cut the workers’ idle time)

· Reduce the number of failed products

Utilization of product spec sheets in the engineering field

With all of the advantages, there is a drawback from this sort of spec sheets. It is hard and complicated to create a product spec sheet for engineering purpose because it must include sets of complex data that are very complicated to create, such as the input voltage, the operating temperature, timing diagram, etc.

3. Business Field: Product spec sheet as a marketing tool

Lastly, for its aesthetically designed, product spec sheets are definitely going to influence the business field, especially in terms of marketing. With spec sheets, customers can easily understand the function of products, wherein at the same time, can be used by the company to advertise those products. Spec sheets must be designed as good-looking as possible so that they are able to attract more and more customers. Furthermore, spec sheets could also be adopted by sales specialist. As we all know, sales specialists’ main duty is to explain the specifications and features of a product or service to existing or potential customers, with the goal of making a sale. And all of these can be done more effectively by using beautifully designed spec sheets. However, it is not easy to create a good-looking spec sheet. People need to have decent designing skills and have the right platform to create the desired design.

An example of a product spec sheet in terms of business

How to create them?

With all of those benefits from the product specification sheet, you must be really inquisitive on how to make it. Not to worry, with TDSmaker, you can easily create a product spec sheets for all purposes (business, service, engineering, science etc.). TDSmaker has provided beautifully designed layouts and templates of various products’ spec sheets. Users may also edit those templates, input some images, add some tables, etc. Then they can preview it, save it, and publish it. And the most important thing from all of that benefits of TDSmaker is that it is free of charge for pre-designed templates. All of these things would be possible only by using Creating a amazing spec sheet has never been easier.

This piece was written by Travis Setjawardaja

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